Recommendation for the parents/guardians

  1. Parents are required to read the almanac daily and sign the remarks (if any). They must take necessary action and also sign the homework and circulars written in the almanac.
  2. They should check the haircut, nails, uniform and punctuality of their ward in the morning.
  3. They are supposed to inform and seek guidance (in black and white) for their ward’s problems.
  4. Parents must ensure that the child brings only text books/note books/ library books in his/her bag.
  5. They are expected to sign the leave notes and take prior permission for any leave other than sickness.
  6. They should provide time, create suitable environment, motivate or help them to do their homework and help them to prepare for their exams.
  7. They should take care of their health and hygiene.
  8. They should take keen interest in the school activities and co-operate with the school authorities.
  9. They are expected to immediately notify the school authorities of any change in address or telephone number.
  10. In case of illness, they should send the leave note supported by a medical certificate.
  11. They should keep a check, their child doesn’t remain absent and show concern for the child’s academic and all-round growth.
  12. They are expected to be punctual in the parent-teachers’ meeting and Open Houses.
  13. They should not total permit to be absent their children during the daily schedule as it becomes strenuous for them to cope up.
  14. On being summoned, parents should meet the Principal and take guidance. Uniform pattern should be followed as per school design.